Our Farms

Who are We?

We are Utah and Nevada dairy farmers.

99% of the farms in our states are family owned and operated. Utah and Nevada rank 20th and 32nd in milk production respectively and produce a combined total of ~1.3% of the U.S. milk supply. Though we are not the nation’s largest dairy states, our region is mighty.  Our climate, access to land and high quality feed is a recipe for healthy dairy cows who produces some of the most milk in the country.

Utah & Nevada are home to several processing plants including yogurt, cheese, fluid milk, ice cream, and small-batch artisan cheese making facilities. Nevada is home to a state of the art milk powder plant that ships high quality milk protein across the world.



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Your Local Farm

We are passionate about connecting people with their food and their local farmers. If you are interested in setting up a dairy farm tour for students, health professionals, or your community, please get in touch.

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Average amount of food budget American's spend on dairy foods0

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Total greenhouse gas emissions come from the US dairy industry0

Expected increase in demand of dairy foods globally by 20500

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Less water used now to produce milk than in 19440

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