What is the Dairy Council?

The Dairy Council of Utah/Nevada is a non-profit organization comprised of a small team of dedicated professionals devoted to the promotion of local agriculture, lifelong health, and the enjoyment of food. We work on behalf of Utah & Nevada’s Dairy Farm Families to provide timely, scientifically based nutrition information to the media, health professionals, consumers, and others concerned about fostering a healthy diet in addition to promoting fun, community-based events to showcase dairy foods and dairy farmers.

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Catch up on the latest dairy news and learn more about our farmers, schools, and the industry. Frequently updated, our stories show the journey from farm to table, highlighting that good comes from the farm.

  • smoothies

    17 Sep Breakfast Smoothies

    With summer ending and school in full swing it’s often hard to find time for a nutritious breakfast. Smoothies are a great option for starting your day with some excellent nutrition on the go! There are many flavor options and they are so versatile. Use one of......

  • Owen with Butter Cow

    16 Sep The 2016 “Cow Lympics” Butter Cow

    Every year the Dairy Council of Utah/Nevada sponsors a butter cow sculpture made out of 700 pounds of butter. This 3D life-size work of art is showcased at the Utah State Fair’s “Creative Arts” Building. The butter cow continues to draw crowds and has been a......

  • Summer Dutch Oven Recipes

    05 Aug Summer Dutch Oven Recipes

    A dutch oven makes a great little micro-kitchen by retaining heat with its cast iron. Summer is a great time to take the cooking heat outdoors and enjoy the nice weather. Pull out your dutch oven and try 4 of our very own tasty dutch oven......

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For the past several years, Becky has been a regular on KSL’s award-winning lifestyle show Studio 5. Becky’s teaching background and her culinary experience offer the credibility and resources necessary to tweak recipes, make cooking fun, and inspire at-home chefs. Below are Becky’s most recent creations. Click one to see the recipe or navigate to “Recipes” for a complete archive.

Banana dessert

Banana Lumpia

Lumpia - is commonly considered a savory snack of Chinese spring roll origin. Traditionally, it's a savory snack made of thin crepe pastry skin called "lumpia wrapper" enveloping a mixture of savory fillings, consists of chopped vegetables. This variation uses sweet bananas or plantains for a great dessert. Watch Becky Low make this recipe on Studio 5.

Banana Lumpia is an very simple Filipino recipe friends and family will enjoy. Sweet bananas are fried in a think crisp pastry and served over Vanilla Bean ice cream!


Spaghetti Beans

Harvest is my favorite season of the year - it's when you finally see the labors of the summer pay off. These tasty green beans look like spaghetti and are sometimes called snake beans, spaghetti beans, yard long beans or Chinese long beans. This unique bean, grows rapidly and can get up to 3-feet or longer. If you don't grow your own you can often find them in farmers markets, some grocery store chains and smaller speciality stores (Liberty Heights, Sprouts). Because it is a popular ingredient in Asian gardens it is very common in Chinese markets. Watch Becky make this recipe on Studio 5.

 Spaghetti Beans are a great way to celebrate the fall harvest. These unique green beans look like spaghetti and can get up to 3-feet long!

Toasted Cinnamon Ice Cream

Cinnamon Toast Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream is excellent any time of year! Get creative this fall with some tasty autumn ice cream sandwiches. Try one of our fun dairy farmers' creations below or make your own homemade Cinnamon Toast Ice Cream. This cooked custard is wonderful enjoyed in a waffle cone, served with apple pie or crisp, or made it into a delicious ice cream sandwich. Watch Becky make this on Studio 5

Cinnamon Toast Ice Cream is a wonderful creamy custard. Great served in a waffle cone, on top of pie, or as an ice cream sandwich.

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