What is the Dairy Council?

The Dairy Council of Utah/Nevada is a non-profit organization comprised of a small team of dedicated professionals devoted to the promotion of local agriculture, lifelong health, and the enjoyment of food. We work on behalf of Utah & Nevada’s Dairy Farm Families to provide timely, scientifically based nutrition information to the media, health professionals, consumers, and others concerned about fostering a healthy diet in addition to promoting fun, community-based events to showcase dairy foods and dairy farmers.

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Catch up on the latest dairy news and learn more about our farmers, schools, and the industry. Frequently updated, our stories show the journey from farm to table, highlighting that good comes from the farm.

  • Lessons on a Dairy farm - feed

    21 Apr Lessons From a Dairy

    by Danielle Conlon – BYU Dietetic Intern I am a dietetic intern from BYU currently working with the Dairy Council of Utah/Nevada. I recently visited two local dairy farms in Utah—one with a herd of around 7,000 cows, and one with a herd of about......

  • Greek Yogurt

    12 Apr Yogurt – The Ultimate Superfood

    -Danielle Conlon – BYU Dietetic Intern Every year, there is a new superfood that people start raving about. A superfood is a food that has been scientifically shown to prevent chronic disease and to promote health. Foods that have boasted this label include salmon, blueberries,......

  • dairy farm field trip

    31 Mar Local Second Grader Wins Dairy Farm Field Trip

    During school breakfast week earlier this month, we launched an essay contest at New Bridge School in Ogden, Utah. With the enthusiasm of the Utah Jazz Dancers, students were encouraged to eat breakfast and write about “How Eating Breakfast Helps me Play at the Top......

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For the past several years, Becky has been a regular on KSL’s award-winning lifestyle show Studio 5. Becky’s teaching background and her culinary experience offer the credibility and resources necessary to tweak recipes, make cooking fun, and inspire at-home chefs. Below are Becky’s most recent creations. Click one to see the recipe or navigate to “Recipes” for a complete archive.

Spiral Easter Egg Cookies

Spiral Easter Egg Cookies

Sugar cookies can be a favorite treat anytime of the year, but these Spiral Easter Egg Cookies are the perfect addition to your Easter Sunday Brunch. With basic ingredients and a little cooling time, this simple and old fashioned refrigerator cookie comes together for a delicious treat to welcome spring. Watch Becky make this recipe on Studio 5

This Spiral Easter Egg Cookie recipe is a simple old fashioned refrigerator cookie recipe designed to look like perfect flowers for your Easter brunch. Try a combination of flavors and colors to make these simple and delicious cookies to welcome spring.

Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Pork Chops

Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Pork Chops

Pork today is much leaner than years ago - some say as much as 50% leaner. The leaner meat means it has less fat, but also makes it drier, tougher and less flavor. There are three easy methods to over come these issues. One, use a thicker pork chop, thinner cuts cook faster leading to a drier end product. Two, brine the pork chop, this will draw in more moisture. Three, add a flavorful stuffing in the middle to increase moisture. This recipe combines all three techniques for the perfect stuffed pork chop. Watch Becky make this on Studio 5

Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Pork Chops transform the classic stuffed pork chop without using the gooey bread stuffing, yet still packed with flavor and moisture.

Brazilian Cheese Bread

Brazilian Cheese Bread

In Brazil, many grandmothers have their favorite recipe for cheese bread. Some versions are chewier, some crisper; some have just Parmesan cheese, others use a combination of cheese. This recipe from Becky Low is a nice blend of chewy texture and flavor. This version adds a little minced garlic, but you can make them plain if you prefer. Watch Becky make this recipe on Studio 5

Brazilian Cheese Bread is a nice blend of flavor and texture. These light, airy puffs of cheese make for the perfect snack or dinner accompaniment. Now you can make and enjoy them at home.

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